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Year "INGEOSERVICE" LLC 1992 st. Since 2012, our company going forward movement: greatly expanded staff of highly qualified professionals, was a radical program-modernization, significantly increased the range of services, the geography of our activities. In 2014, along with the processing and interpretation of ground data, we have begun to laboratory works on seismic data obtained on the shelf of the Kara and Barents Seas.

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An important advantage of our company – flexibility and efficiency when addressing issues requiring urgent actions: changes in the technology of works, reduction of terms in carrying out works, acquisition (rent) of any available in the global market software product intended to perform unique tasks, enlistment of the best specialists, development of productive capacities directly to the Customer, etc.


Seismic data processing

The data center of "INGEOSERVICE" being processed seismic CMP 2D and 3D. The main machining package - «Geocluster», to perform pre-stack depth migration software is used «Geodepth». Below is a graph of the generalized processing that adapts to each project taking into account the characteristics of the original information.

Обработка сейсмических данных
Сейсмическая интерпретация

Integrated interpretation

Justification of stratigraphic control of reflecting horizons:
  • VSP data interpretation;
  • one-dimensional and two-dimensional seismic modeling;
  • quality assessment of the convergence of real and synthetic traces;
  • Analysis of borders contribute to the formation of the reflected wave;
  • phase characteristic estimation of the signal;

Supervision services

Supervisor provides timely and continuous monitoring of:

  • quality production work,
  • accompanying documentation and reporting,
  • compliance to seismic 2D / 3D work in accordance with the regulations and approved by the customer.

 All supervisors are certified in the field of environmental protection, occupational health and safety.

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