Report on the technology of preparing resources based on big data processing

IX all-Russia meeting “Well stock status of prepared resources D0 (S3) and priority objects for petroleum exploration ” took place in FSBI “VNIGNI” on 30 – 31 October 2018, where the chief geologist of INGEOSERVICE LLC O.A. Smirnov participated, with the report “Technology of preparing resources and selecting priority targets based on the processing of large data sets”.

Currently, the prescribed principles applied in generating zoning maps are outdated and do not correspond to the current level of processing and work with large amounts of data. The recommended technology and methods of building thematic maps allows involving a vast amount of accumulated geological and geophysical information. The obtained maps acquired a very “predictive” potential and positive identification of structural forms of different scale, and also allow assessment of the petroleum potential of not only positive structural traps, but the traps of the unstructured type. The recommended technology is focused on large data sets and is characterized by high spatial stability of the resulting structural elements.

The presentation of the report is available here.