IngeosMAP(iMAP) 2D geological modelling

The article about IngeosMAP (iMAP) product being as a flagship software development by INGEOSERIVCE LLC was published in NEFTEGAS magazine, № 8 (15), 2019.

At present, we are seeing an ambiguous software situation for building 2D geological models. On the one hand, there are numerous software sets, typically solve highly specialized tasks, as seismic data interpretation, 3D geological models building or reserves estimation.While geological modeling involves the total volume of geological and geophysical data integration within the existing concept that had been accumulated at all working stages with relationship between set heterogeneous data and its quality obligatory analysis. As a result, often there is not enough functionality for building coherent 2D geological-geophysical models within a single software.Thus, there is no a specialized software that is able to provide a broad range of tasks such as map building (data loading, analyzing, filtering, interpolation, editing, visualization with the ability to print), prognosis and geological and geophysical data integration (drilling, seismic, gravimagnetic survey).Many technologies with which specialists have to work are presented in different software products, but they do not provide the desired result.

IngeosMAP® (iMAP) is a program, with the main task to build 2D geological modelling, presents the capability for data editing (include local data editing, involving point objects, polygons and lines for surfaces with faults and without faults) and data analyze provided by the modern software. A convenient and clear interface is designed with the potential for further software extention for the vast range of tasks related to professional area of a wide range of specialists: geologists, interpreters, geological modeling specialists and reserves estimation.