IngeosMAP gains interest

INGEOSERVICE LLC held a presentation of software IngeosMAP® (iMAP) at the Academic Forum of      LLC “Gazprom VNIIGAZ”. The meeting resulted in an agreement to test the program in the Center of hydrocarbon resources and reserves and other interested centers.

Currently, computer technology is an integral part in interpreting geological and geophysical data and constructing geological models. At different stages of modeling and interpretation, it is necessary to build 2D-grid models (structure maps, overall sickness, effective, efficient oil-saturated thicknesses, porosity, oil saturation, etc.). The software package IngeosMAP® (iMAP) is able to solve all of these tasks. During the discussion, the advantages and functionality of the program were stated:

  1. Cross-Platform UI – Linux, Windows
  2. The multifunctional capabilities for 2D mapping that allow:
  • Solving standard tasks (calculator, calculation of areas and volumes in blocks, etc.);
  • Operating with large data sets (examples of grid models for 2D and 3D seismic data are given) ;
  • Accomplishing processor-bound and interactive fault-based editing processes;
  • Applying wide possibilities of graphical visualization of objects – the construction of geological and parametric surfaces in the axonometric projection; pie sector diagrams, rose diagrams for both linear and grid objects; color palette editor; a large set of graphic symbols, etc. ;
  • Conducting paralleling of counting processes;
  • Applying flexible settings to smooth the grid (along faults, lines, contours; inside / outside polygons; in the window specified by the grid, etc.) ;
  • Performing local interactive editing of grids, joining/bonding of the fragments of grids, correction of the stitching zone, analyzing connection grid/grid, well/grid;
  • Applying validation method;
  • Importing and exporting from Surfer Grid ASCII, Surfer 6 Binary, Surfer 7 Binary, ZmapASCII, CPS ASCII, Earth Vision scattered ASCII, IrapRMS classic Grid ASCII, Isoline-GIS text grid ASCII; preparing and exporting generated graphic applications pdf – format;
  • Performing automatic conversion of coordinate systems.


The presentation was illustrated by the examples of mapping  the changes in effective reservoir thicknesses and petrophysical parameters of deposits and fields in Western and Eastern Siberia.