Criteria for the identification of gas-saturated reservoirs of the senones…

Magazine «Advances in current natural sciences», No. 2, 2018 issued an article «Criteria for the identification of gas-saturated reservoirs of the senones within the northern arch of the Western Siberia on the technology of AVO analysis using three-dimensional cross-plot».

This article describes the technology of AVO attribute analysis using correlations established from GIS data, in the range of the lower Berezovskaya suites to identify the prospects of gas content for example, one of the areas of Western Siberia. Previously within this area seismic surveys 2D, 3D and drilling data, have revealed a gas Deposit in the Cenomanian. Vistalicious deposits of Cenon was noted as a potentially promising, but not specifically studied – the collectors of the lower Berezovskaya suites, flasks and folded siliceous mudstone, are collectors with a low (relative to Cenomanian) porosity and permeability. The combination of lithologic-petrographic composition of rocks and their conditions of occurrence in the context of the consider them to be structurally complex reservoirs unconventional type. With the aim of increasing the resource base in areas with developed infrastructure has begun to study the industrial potential adenomas deposits. In tectonic respect the area located in the Central North large shaft in the North-Eastern part of the Total minor depression that complicates Vareganskiy-Purpeyskaya area linear structures. In the seismic wave field recorded anomalies of type «occurrence». Gas shows confirmed the gas inflows obtained by testing individual wells, readings of gas logging and increased electrical resistance of the rocks, sharply declining outside the dynamic anomalies. But the acoustic contrast of the flasks in the host rocks is able by itself to cause the effect of «bright spots» in the seismic wave field, which causes ambiguity in the determination of the reservoir boundaries. In this article the technology of the integration of AVO attribute analysis using three-dimensional cross-rafts, with correlation log analysis data to identify complex object in adenomas sediments.

Author – Feoktistova O.V.