New discoveries in the Kara sea

The Federal Agency for Mineral Resources approved the expert opinions of the State reserves Commision with regard to the discovery of by Gazprom of new hydrocarbon fields on the shelf of the Yamal Peninsula, namely the Dinkov and Nyarmeyskoye fields.

the Dinkov and Nyarmeyskoye fields is located within Rusanovsky licensed block in the Kara Sea. The field is unique in terms of gas reserves: its recoverable reserves in the C1+C2 categories total 390.7 billion cu m.

The Nyarmeyskoye field is located in the Nyarmeysky licensed block in the Kara Sea. In terms of gas reserves, it is a large field with the recoverable amount of 120.8 billion cu m in the С1+С2 categories.

Vasily Dinkov (1924-2001) was an eminent figure in the history of the Russian fuel and energy complex. He served as Minister of the USSR Gas Industry in 1981-1985 and as a Minister of the USSR Oil Industry in 1985 -1989.

Chief Geologist of “INGEOSERVICE” LLC company Oleg Smirnov sincerely congratulate the team on participating directly in discovery of the two fields.

Your hard work, knowledges, experiences and perseverance are the groundwork of the successful work that has been done and it is worth too much.

I wish the success and many discoveries to all colleagues.