Professional development courses for INGEOSERIСE LLC specialists.

The everyday courses for the subject matter specialists will be held from December 20 to 24, 2021 by Shishkin R.A, the chief petrophysicist of «INGEOSERVICE» LLC.

The course takes place in the conference hall, located at: 211 Republic St., 6th floor, Tyumen.
The duration of each course is 1 hour.
It starts at 4:00 p.m. (Tyumen time).

The schedule is following:
1. Geophysical methods of development control (flow survey, mud resistivity log, thermometry, water-cut log). New research methods (video recording, fiber optics).
2. Boring casing technical condition assessment, a quality cementing assessment (cement-bond sonic logging, borehole gamma-gamma defectometry and thickness gauging, gama logging, magnetic collar locator).
3. Reservoir identification and porosity coefficient determination (SP, sonic log, gamma gamma ray – density, neutron methods, nuclear logging methods) in terrigenous and carbonate sections.
4. Reservoirs electrical resistivity by WLD during drilling (LWD) and after drilling (side logging, induction logging, high-frequency induction logging isoparametric sounding method, Induction logging sounding).
5. Oil and gas saturation coefficient determination of (Dakhnov-Archi equation) and saturation character (edging specific electrical resistance of the reservoir, hydrodynamic logging, reservoirs testing on the cable).
6. Formation microimaging (FMI), processing and analysis of wellbore images in comparison with the core of fractured carbonate reservoirs Riphean, Vendian-Cambrian deposits of Eastern Siberia.

The courses will allow to conduct qualitative (without involving additional information and petrophysical dependencies) processing (qualitative evaluation):
1. WLD data, to determine (approximate) calculation parameters (net pay zone, porosity factor, oil and gas saturation factor) and the nature of the reservoir saturation.
2. Flow profiles, injectivity, production boring casing technical condition.
3. Special well surveys (nuclear logging methods, image).

The courses presentation will be uploaded on the website.