Almanac №12, 2019 was issued

Almanac №12, 2019 is a new edition internal corporate collection of articles and «INGEOSERVICE» LLC employees publications was issued.

The content of the new issue is:

1.Mapping methodology using iMAP technology in the waters. Zaitsev A.N.

2. Structural-tectonic zoning of the Yamal-Kara region based on the frequency decomposition of structural surfaces. Smirnov O.A., Zaitsev A.N., Susanina O.M.

3. Prediction of highly promising zones in sediments of the Bazhenov suit (Frolovskaya megadepressiom, Western Siberia) according to a data set. Zaitsev A.N., Susanina O.M.

4. Possibilities of gravity and magnetic exploration for the allocation and ranking of complex advanced facilities in Eastern Siberia. Susanina O.M., Zaitsev A.N., Smirnov O.M.

5. The most informative attributes in the study of the main geological characteristics of the section. Zakharova G.A., Feoktistova O.V.