Dear Andrey Viktorovich!

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contract dated on , signed with«Gazprom dobycha Krasnodar» LLC , «INGEOSERVICE» LLC has performed the following works: “services for materials re-interpretation of the previously performed seismic exploration works (3D ….. sq.m, 2D – …line km)” (Pechorogorodski license area).

At the initial stage, a following quality work has been performed such as collection and systematization of geological and geophysical data.

As a result of processing and interpretation of seismic survey materials, performed at Pechorogorodski license area, the geological structure of deposits in layers was clarified, HC traps were mapped, zones of tectonic disturbances were detected and traced, structural and tectonic features of the work area were clarified, the prognosis of contours of prospective objects based on complex interpretation of seismic survey materials and WLD was presented.

The discovered deposits and promising objects were estimated, and a map of integral oil and gas bearing capacity contours of productive and promising horizons was built by area Pechorogorodski license area with Zapadno (West) – Pechorski oil and gas field territory included.

As a result of performed works , recommendations were prepared for drilling two deep wells and a program of research works (including additional exploration) was drawn up to clarify the geological structure of the section, reservoirs boundaries distribution, their effective thicknesses, filtration and capacitance properties.

The work was carried out qualitatively and within the deadlines provided by the calendar plan. Tasks, setting in geological task, have been fully solved. The high professional level of the specialists of «INGEOSERVICE» LLC, their communicability and efficiency in solving all the issues that arose during the work is noted. All this makes it possible to recommend «INGEOSERVICE» LLC as a reliable partner for solving the issues of studying the geological structure of the subsoil.

Mr.  Korotkov

Deputy of General Director – Chief Geologist