Top 7 of our most readable articles and news:

Top 7 of our most readable articles and news:
1st place: Completed work on Pulyt’inskiy licensed area

2nd place: Characteristics of the geological nature of inversion ring structures within the Arctic regions of Western Siberia as a criterion for oil and gas potential

3rd place: Participation in the International scientific conference “Scientific research of the SCO countries: synergy and integration»

4th place: «INGEOSERVICE» LLC awarded the prize of Russian Geological Society (RosGeo) and by Rosneda (Federal Agency on Subsoil Usage) in the field of science and innovative technologies in the geological study of the mineral resources of Russia

5th place: Presentations at the conference “Geomodel-2018”

6th place: INGEOSERVICE LLC will participate in the fifth International Conference on the “Modern Petroleum Geophysics Technology” will take place in the Tyumen Industrial University from 16 to 17 May

7th place: The newspaper (RU) “Tyumen region today”: the causes leading to deep craters formation on the Yamal Peninsula were revealed by Borodkin V.N., Chief Specialist of INGEOSERVICE LLC