«INGEOSERVICE» LLC is the general sponsor of the 7th International geological and geophysical conference «Tyumen 2021. Natural Resourses Management as a Cross-Functional Process».

«INGEOSERVICE» LLC is one of the general sponsors of the 7th International geological and geophysical conference «Tyumen 2021. Natural Resourses Management as a Cross-Functional », organized by the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) to be held on March 22-26, 2021 in Tyumen.

As part of an open dialogue the specialists of «INGEOSERVICE» LLC will take part in a discussion of search of solutions to improve methods of geological prospecting and development of technologies for cost-effective extraction of reserves.

The specialists of  «INGEOSERVICE» LLC will make reports:

  •  Shishkin R.A.*, Assessment of the correctness of the determination of the specific electrical resistance of collectors by GIS devices (Report in Russian only).

Summary: To determine the electrical resistivity of reservoirs of oil and gas fields, various domestic and foreign devices for geophysical research of wells are currently used. As a rule, when interpreting resistance methods, questions arise at the stage of determining the oil and gas saturation coefficient;

  • Sharifijanova E.V.*,  Sedukhin A.V., Pogretski A.V., Using 3D seismic exploration to solve engineering problems (Report in Russian only).

Summary: engineering and geological conditions are determined by the structure, composition and properties of sediments (soils) of the upper part of the section. In order to identify and assess possible geological complications during the drilling of the bottom part of the section, along with areal engineering surveys, 3D seismic data are successfully used;

  • Borodkin V.N.*, Smirnov O.A., Kurchikov A.R., Lukashov A.V., Pogretski A.V., Study of Fluid-Geodynamic Processes in The Section of The Shelf of The Barents and Kara Seas According to Modern 3D Seismic Data (Report in Russian only).

Summary: The study area is associated with the waters of the Barents and Kara Seas, within which the industrial oil and gas content of the Jurassic-Cretaceous deposits is established, and according to 3D seismic data, signs of vertical migration of hydrocarbons (HC) are observed;

  • GadzhimetovR. A.*, P’yankov A.A., Seismic tomography as a way to refine the depth-velocity model of anomalies in the upper part of the section on the example of a deposit in Western Siberia (Report in Russian only).

Summary:  The accuracy of structural constructions strongly depends on the quality of accounting for anomalies in the upper part of the section. It is important that the variety of seismogeological conditions and the differences in the field methods of observation when registering the wave field determine the complexity of developing universal methods that can uniquely solve the problem of accounting for the inhomogeneity of the HRD. This is relevant for both three-dimensional and two-dimensional seismic survey materials, regardless of the observation systems. In addition, depending on the area of work, the structure and heterogeneity of the upper part of the section vary greatly, so the structure model and accounting methods also differ from each other, and should optimally take into account heterogeneous quantitative and qualitative characteristics;

  • Mr A.N. Zaitsev*, Model of Development of The Yamalo-Kara Region Based on The Complex of Geological and Geophysical Data (Report in Russian only).

Summary: This article presents the results of the study of the territory of the Yamalo-Kara region, including the South Kara water area and the Yamal Peninsula, at three levels of research.


Topics of scientific sessions:

01. Geology of oil and gas basins

02. Ways to develop the reserve base of Western Siberia

03. Downhole and core surveys, geosteering. Geomechanics

04. Theory and practice of seismic exploration

05. Modern solutions in the processing and integrated interpretation of G&G data

06. Non-seismic methods of prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields

07. Oil and gas fields development

08. Best geological prospecting and exploration practices in Western Siberia and adjacent territories

09. Business sustainability and portfolio management of oil and gas assets

10. Information technologies, data and knowledge management at all stages of the field life cycle