New gas deposit discovered on Yamal shelf

A new gas deposit was discovered at the Leningradskoye field of the Yamalsky gas production center.

A drilling rig at the Leningradskoye field.

As a result of drilling and testing of an exploration well, commercial gas inflow was obtained with a flow rate of about 600,000 cubic meters per day. This proves that the new deposit contains substantial amounts of gas. This significantly increases the field’s commercial value.

Thus, Gazprom made its fourth major discovery offshore on the shelf of the Yamal Peninsula in the Kara Sea over the last two years.


The Leningradskoye gas and condensate field is located in the Kara Sea within the Leningradsky license area. The field’s current recoverable gas reserves are estimated to total  1.9 trillion cubic meters and are classified as unique.

In 2019, Gazprom discovered the Dinkov and Nyarmeyskoye fields on the shelf of the Yamal Peninsula in the Kara Sea. In 2020, the Company discovered the 75 Years of Victory field on the Yamal shelf.

The V.A. Dinkov field was discovered at the Yamal Peninsula. The V.A. Dinkov field is located within the Rusanovsky license block. In terms of gas reserves, it is classified as a unique field: its recoverable reserves in the С1+С2 categories amount to 390.7 billion cubic meters.

The Nyarmeyskoye field is located within the Nyarmey license area. In terms of gas reserves, it is classified as a large field  with the recoverable amount of 120.8 billion cubic meters in the С1+С2 categories.

«The 75 Years of Victory» field is located within the Skuratovskoye prospective area. The field is classified as large in terms of gas reserves: its recoverable gas reserves in the С1+С2 categories total 202.4 billion cubic meters.

The Company also has a subsurface use license for the Rusanovskoye field on the Yamal shelf.