Supervisors submitted a process report.

Supervisors of LLC “INGEOSERVICE” have reported on the implementation of the t volume of work on controlled projects.

Seismic survey on Pikoviy l.a. has been completed, and the final report on the performed work and the take-over of the field material are being prepared.

Seismic acquisition has been launched in West Uzunsky l.a. Currently, experimental-methodical work on the selection of depth charge and optimal weight charge has been carried out.

Field processing of the current field season is completed on Khandinsky and Chikansky l.a.. Central office of LLC “INGEOSERVICE” has received the whole field material for further analysis and processing. Our team is preparing a report on the performed work at the end of the season 2016-2017.

Seismic work on all sites is complicated by the arrival of early spring. Nature makes its own adjustments. It is getting warm in all regions of the work conduct, even in traditionally cold Yakutia the field season has to be finished.

When carrying out field seismic work, some special attention should be given to supervising. It promotes compliance with the procedures of field seismic surveys and obtaining quality material in full as scheduled.

All supervisors of LLC “INGEOSERVICE” are certified in the area of environmental protection, labor protection and industrial safety. The company’s staff is highly qualified, fully provided with the appropriate equipment, licensed software.