New challenges of our supervisors.

LLC «INGEOSERVICE» will conduct supervisory checkoff of six more licensed areas with a total volume of 2D 1176 Lkm  and 3D 2036 The company has won tenders and executed relevant contracts on supervising seismic surveys of the season 2017-2018.

At the same time, the company continues the the field season in Khandinsky and Chikansky LA. Specialists of the company are among the field crew and conduct field processing of seismic material. Supervisors carry out technical and methodical control of 3D shooting operations at the North-Kolpakovsky LA in Kamchatka. The project is planned for 3 seasons, with a total volume of 1,089

While conducting geological exploration, special attention should be given to supervising. It contributes to the observance of the procedure to perform field seismic surveys following the plan and to obtaining quality material in full in the planned time. To speed up the process, supervisors conduct timely registration and evaluation of field data.

All supervisors of LLC «INGEOSERVICE» are certified in the field of environmental protection, labor protection and industrial safety.