IngeosMAP (iMAP)® Software Update

Updates of the IngeosMAP (iMAP)® software – designed for 2D-geological digital modelling, have been released.


1. Storage in the project of spaces from the edges of the 2D visualization area (Setting-Common), the parameters of the overlaid geographic grid, the parameters of the rectangular grid (signings, visibility);
2. when a multiple-diagram of a linear object building, the ability to build along a given contour has been added, the user needs to additionally define a linear object with a contour (contours).

Resolved Issues:

-when loading points in the form of a Shape file, the object ID problem was fixed, which led to continuous drawing of points in the visualization window;
-returned the possibility of overlaying a geographic grid, the problem arose when switching to the PROJ9 library;
– fixed screen resolution selection in the preview dialog, now it is taken from the settings (selected monitor).


–when loading a linear object in the form of a Shape file, two objects are created, the first one is linear, the second one is a point object with all the attributes of the Shape-file (before that, the attributes were not loaded into the project);
-when converting coordinates (recalculation from one CS to another), save all graphic settings of the original object, for points, grids and linear objects;
-added copying background properties when copying properties of a linear object.