The publication announcement of the article in the composite book of EAGE “Petrophysics-16”

In 2016, a composite book of EAGE “Petrophysics of complex reservoirs: problems and prospects 2015” was released with an article provided by the authors from LLC “INGEOSERVICE” Smirnov O. A., Okhrimenko A.B, Zaitsev A. N. entitled “Petrophysical substantiation of inclined oil-water contact in productive hydrocarbon deposits of the upper Jurassic (for example, deposits in the Tomsk region)”.

bgdebafdThis article gives the results of studies that prove and argue the thesis about the existence of the inclination and dislevelment of the surface water section in hydrocarbon deposits. Insights are based on a comprehensive core analysis and logging. The necessity and relevance of this publication is due to the fact that until now, in professional circles there is a rejection of everything that indicates dislevelment of the oil-water contact (OWC) surface. Currently, we believe that there is already a critical amount of arguments that prove this indisputable fact. Now there is the timeto develop criteria and parameters which will form the basis to determine the inclination of a water-oil contact surface to estimate hydrocarbon reserves and provide geological modeling.