Laboratory work has been completed at Kovyktinsky gas and condensate field.

LLC “INGEOSERVICE” has completed and successfully presented to the customer the results of the laboratory seismic exploration work at Kovyktinsky licensed area, the largest gas condensate field in Eastern Siberia, which is a resource base for gas-pipeline “Power of Siberia”.

The main results of processing and integrated interpretation of CDPM 3D seismic survey, obtained at Kovyktinsky gas condensate field:

  1. Processing and interpretation of 3D CDPM seismic data in the amount of 5050 sq. km. has been completed. Processing is performed to acquire pre-stack and post-stack data volume with the preservation of the true amplitude. Digital processing is performed with the implementation of the processing software “Geocluster”, version 5000, CGG.
  2. Near-surface effects on the processing stages have been calculated. The calculation of datum statics has been carried out on first arrivals of refracted waves and is based on the method of “layer substitution”.
  3. Depth pre-stack migration has been carried out.
  4. Azimuth cubes have been obtained.
  5. Estimate analysis of the inversion transformation has been completed, including acoustic and geostatistical inversion with the calculation of elastic and shear impedance cubes, as well as density and derived cubes Vp/Vs, μρ and λρ. The cube of pseudo-porosity is calculated.
  6. The estimate analysis of AVO-attributes cubes and the acquisition analysis of effects due to gas-bearing have been performed.
  7. The calculation of the azimuthal cubes of acoustic impedance has been performed, on the basis of which the analysis of seismic anisotropy has been carried out and the potential assessment of fracturing parameters of the reservoir has been given.
  8. The tectonic model of the area has been constructed.
  9. Forecast maps of effective thickness, maps of porosity, permeability, gas-saturated thicknesses have been designed based on integral analysis.
  10. Exploration targets in basal and bokhan horizons are mapped.
  11. Deposit contours of Parfenovsky horizon are specified.
  12. The estimated schemes of geological complications in the Cambrian complex are constructed.
  13. Estimation of the reserves along the layers Parfenovsky horizon has been conducted. (In General, the reserve increase of the “dry” gas and condensate amounted to +20% on Parfenovsky horizon).
  14. Recommendations to locate exploration wells have been given.

In General, some very important information has been obtained about the geological structure of the deposit, productive and prospective parts of the cross-section on Kovyktinsky LA, which can be used by the customer to plan further works so as to optimize drilling and increase the resource base in the lower part of the cross-section of the Riphean and Vendian.