INGEOSERVICE LLC has all the hardware and software options necessary to perform the processing and interpretation of seismic data with the assistance of logging and drilling data.
INGEOSERVICE LLC is equipped with the following software systems:

  • processing packages GeoCluster, versions 4100, 5000 of the company CGG;
  • a module for calculating the depth migration – Paradigm Geodepth 2017;
  • own-designed package for the correction of statistical corrections PACS 2 / 3D;
  • interpretational system KINGDOM 2018 of the company IHS;
  • seismostratigraphic analysis module STRATIMAGIC of company Paradigm;
  • The system of monitoring the development and geological modeling BASPRO Optima;
  • Geopoisk 9 program, which allows to perform the interpretation of well logging data;
  • Software Mapping ArcGis 10, Isoline 8.4, IngeosMap (in-company developed);
  • The specialists of INGEOSERVICE LLC developed a set of programs that allows to work with databases – to carry out storage and quick retrieval of information stored in the database with a view to time-sensitively meet the needs of geologists and geophysicists.

The property company INGEOSERVICE LLC has a data processing center (DPC), an area of 70 m2, which houses the main computing power and storage company.

INGEOSERVICE LLC has a data processing center (DPC), an area of 70 m2, which houses the main computing power and storage of the company.

DPC of INGEOSERVICE LLC can accommodate 13 rack-mount seats and other infrastructure equipment. The room has 3 precision air conditioning of STULZ company, gas fire extinguishing system and access control system. The data center is equipped with two power inputs, 200 kW each and uninterruptible power supplies of Powerware and HP. The center is monitored by round the clock duty change operators.
The main computing nodes using Dell PE C6320, HP SL230 gen8 servers and DELL R620 server. Connection switches Mellanox Infiniband FDR 56 Gbit/s and HP Ethernet 40/10/1 Gbit/s are used for inter-node communication.

At the moment, so as to solve the problems of seismic data processing, up to 4000 processor cores may be implemented.

High-performance storage systems Panasas ActiveScale 12, Panasas ActiveScale 14, ActiveScale 16, IBM ElasticStorage and EMC 5200 VNX2 with a clustered file system BeeGFS and a total capacity of 2000 Pb are used as the main disk space applied for seismic data processing tasks.

Tape library Oracle SL3000 with T10000D drives, that can store up to 8 terabytes of uncompressed data on a single tape, are used for archiving purposes, backup and temporary storage. In total, the tape library allows to store up to 1.6 data petabytes.
To store the information used by interpreters and geologists storage NetApp FAS 2040-4 to 48 TB. For efficient data recovery technology is widely used instant snapshots of disk volumes, and to save space – deduplication technology.

To store information, interpreters and geologists use storage NetApp FAS 2040-4 with 48 TB and storage based on SSD drives Intel with 16TB. To immediately restore the data, an instant snapshot technology of disk volumes is widely used, and to save space – deduplication technology.

To meet the challenges of the interpretation, the workplaces of employees are equipped with DEPO and HP dual-monitor workstations.

Group of cartography and geo-physical well logging is provided with everything necessary to provide the customer in a short time with all the reporting and graphical documentation. For this purpose, the company installed plotters Oce ColorWave 650 and HP DesignJet 7100 PS, the output device for printing A3/A4 HP 880Z and HP 6040, folder 2412 EsTe, binding equipment, etc.

IT – Service of the company, that ensures uninterrupted operation of 40 specialists in processing, and 23 specialists in interpretation, 13 geologists and cartographers and model designers. We also provide immediate connection with a branch in Moscow and the work of 15 specialists in this branch.