Presentations at the conference “Geomodel-2018”

September 10-14, 2018, the 20th anniversary scientific and practical conference on exploration and development of oil and gas fields “Geomodel 2018” will be held in Gelendzhik The reports by the specialists of LLC “INGEOSERVICE” will be presented at the conference:

September 11

Session: Applied issues of seismic data processing

Seismic tomography as a way to clarify the depth-velocity model of anomalies in the upper part of the section on the example of the field in Eastern SiberiaA. Gadjimetov* (Ingeoservice), A. A. Pyankov (Ingeoservice)

Session: non-seismic methods

The oil-gas potential of the Central part of Frolovskaya megadepression according to the complex regional data

O.M. Susanina* (Ingeoservice), O.A. Smirnov (Ingeoservice), A.N. Zaitsev (Ingeoservice)


September 12

Session: Kinematic and dynamic interpretation of seismic data

Description of the geological model of Pulyt’inskoe licensed area in Western Siberia based on 3D seismic data.

O.A. Smirnov* (Ingeoservice), A.V. Lukashov (Ingeoservice), A.S. Nedosekin (Ingeoservice), A.R. Kurchikov (ZSF INGG SB RAS), V.I. Samitova (ZSF INGG SB RAS), V.N. Borodkin (TIU), Y.V. Ovcharov (Pulyt’inskoe)

Characteristics of the geological structure of Belohostrovskoe and the adjacent licensed areas in the waters of the Kara Sea based on 3D seismic data

V.N. Borodkin* (TIU), A.R. Kurchikov (ZSF INGG SB RAS), A.V. Lukashov, A.S. Nedosekin, O.A. Smirnov (Ingeoservice), A.V. Pogretsky (Gazprom Geologorazvedka)


13 September


“IngeosMAP (iMAP) ® is a modern, complete technology to construct and design 2D geological models”Zaitsev, Deputy Chief Geologist for geological modeling, LLC “INGEOSERVICE”

See you in Gelendzhik!


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