Characteristics of the formation conditions in the Parfenov horizon

We bring to your attention the report of D.M. Nurakhmetov on: “Characteristics of the formation conditions in the Parfenov horizon (through the example of Kovyktinsky LA).” The work that has been completed shows that the model of the Parthenov horizon has a more complex structure, and needs to be improved.

The accumulation of the Parfenov horizon occurred within a vast territory occupied by a branched delta system of sedimentation, which was formed in an unstable platform. The lack of vegetation led to the creation of an environment in which a branched fluviodeltoid system, which carried sediments, contributed to their jointing both in the horizontal and vertical directions, since it had no significant obstacles for expansion. This phenomenon led to the formation of horizontally extremely long sand cover.

The report was presented at the first scientific-practical conference of young scientists and specialists «Geological prospecting. Problems and ways to solve them», November 28-30, 2017.