GDI software package gas-hydrodynamic wells studies processing and interpretation results was developed

GDI software package was developed by INGEOSERVICE LLC specialists according to the requirements and recommendations of the «Guideline for gas and gas-condensate layers and wells integrated researches» edited by  Zotov G.A., Aliev Z.S. – Moscow, «Nedra», 1980. (approved by Ministry of the Gas Industry of the USSR dated on 14.06.79) and R Gazprom 086-2010. Guidelines for gas and gas condensate wells integrated studies. – Moscow, 2011.

GDI software package is for processing and interpretation results of the gas-hydrodynamic wells studies and consists of the following applications:

– Gas-dynamic studies (GDS) processing results;

– Gas-dynamic studies (GDS) by express method processing  results;

– Gas-condensate studies  (GCS) (results/data) processing;

– Bottom hole pressure determination by a stationary gas column.

Data and results sheets are exported in MS Excel and PDF formats.

Indicator diagrams are exported in JPG and PDF formats.