Gazprom gives name of 75 Years of Victory to new large field on Yamal shelf

Gazprom made the decision to give a new field discovered in the Yamal gas production center the name of 75 Years of Victory (75 Let Pobedy).

The field was discovered by the Company within the Skuratovskaya prospect on the shelf of the Yamal Peninsula in the Kara Sea. The total recoverable reserves of the field exceed 200 billion cubic meters of gas. In terms of reserves, the field can be classified as large.


In 2019, Gazprom drilled prospecting and appraisal well No. 1 within the Skuratovskaya prospect in the Kara Sea, which had been discovered earlier through seismic exploration. In the course of well testing, commercial gas inflow of 746,000 cubic meters per day was obtained.

Based on well construction results, a hydrocarbon reserves estimate was promptly prepared. In March 2020, the relevant report was submitted to the Federal Agency for Mineral Resources.


Industrial gas bearing capacity of the field is identified in sediments of Cenomanian (layer PK1) and Albanian (layers PK7, PK8, XM6-7, XM8) tiers.

Layers PK1, XM6-7 were tested in the production string, gas inflows of 498.1 thousand m3/day and 686.7 thousand m3/day were received at the 22.22 mm flow nipple, respectively.

Formations PK7, PK8, XM8 were tested with devices on cable in open hole.