Picture of Lukashov Andrey Viktorovich

Lukashov Andrey Viktorovich

Picture of Glushakova Elena Zigfridovna

Glushakova Elena Zigfridovna

Chief accountant
Picture of Smirnov Oleg Arkadyevich

Smirnov Oleg Arkadyevich

Chief Geologist, c.g.-m.s.
Picture of Zaytsev Andrey Nikolayevich

Zaytsev Andrey Nikolayevich

Deputy Chief Geologist for geological modeling
Picture of Borodkin Vladimir Nikolaevich

Borodkin Vladimir Nikolaevich

Chief specialist of the group of regional geology, d.g.-m.s.
Picture of Smirnova Olga Aleksandrovna

Smirnova Olga Aleksandrovna

The Head of the cartographic-design service