Evaluation of petroleum potential of the Barents sea shelf due to the results of CDP-3D survey.

Specialists of LLC “INGEOSERVICE” submitted a report on the subject of “Assessment of the petroleum potential of the Barents sea shelf due to CDP-3D survey ” at the conference “State, tendencies and development problems of oil and gas potential of Western Siberia”.

The article provides with the tectonic location of the study area and position it with the point of view of petroleum-geological zoning, and the main oil and gas complexes (NGRL) are identified. Seismological models are given in the Triassic, Jurassic and Barremian and the Aptian-Albian-Cenomanian NGRL, the conditions of formation of deposits are considered, promising areas are identified, the optimal amount of exploration drilling is planned. According to a complex of signs, the presence of vertical migration of hydrocarbons contributing to the formation in the Cretaceous part of the section of secondary hydrocarbon deposits is reported.

Authors – V.N.Borodkin (IPGG SB RAS, TIU, LLC “INGEOSERVICE”), A.R. Kurchikov, V.I. Samitova (IPGG SB RAS), A.S. Nedosekin, A.V. Lukashov, O.A. Smirnov (LLC “INGEOSERVICE”).