Patent for IngeosMAP (iMAP)®.

LLC “INGEOSERVICE”, one of the leading Russian developers of software for processing and interpretation of geophysical data, has received a patent for the software product IngeosMAP (iMAP)®, registered by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent).

IngeosMAP program (iMAP)® is a top-of-the-line and extensive technology designed to construct 2D geological-geophysical models. It presents a qualitatively new editing options (locally, involving point features, testbeds, and lines for plicative and disjunctive surfaces) and data analysis, it has a convenient and self-explanatory interface, with great potential for further growth in a wide range of tasks within the competence of specialists: geologists, interpreters, experts on geological modelling, reserves estimation.

Today the market lacks specialized software, allowing performing a range of tasks related to technology of mapping (interpolation, analysis, editing, and visualization, print), prediction and complexing geological and geophysical data. Existing software products typically occupy a different niche – seismic interpretation, construction of 3D geological models, GWL systems, complexing, reserves estimation, and others.

Tasks and advantages of IngeosMAP (iMAP)®:

  • full cycle of work with 2D models: import/export, interpolation, visualization, analysis, editing, graphics export and printing, storing designed graphic applications and images in the project.
  • complexing data: classification with the construction of the matrix class, multilinear regression with automatic validation of standards and regressors;
  • standard tasks (calculator, area and volume computation in blocks, etc.);
  • input filtering at the stage of data interpolation;
  • work with databulk;
  • all denumerable processes and interactive editing processes take into account the faults;
  • broad options of graphical rendering of objects, including axonometric projection, data visualization in the form of a composite vector objects, the construction of sector pie charts;
  • concurrency of the accounting processes;
  • flexible settings for smoothing of the grid (along the fault lines, contours; inside/outside the testbeds; in the window that is specified by the grid);
  • local interactive editing of grids;
  • automatic landing of the grid object on the wells and contours/lines taking into account faults;
  • cross-linking/tipping-in grid fragments, correction of a cross-linking zone;
  • analysis of the relations Grid/Grid; Well/Well; Well/Grid;
  • validation method for structural models.

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