Completed work on Pulyt’inskiy licensed area.

LLC “INGEOSERVICE” has successfully completed processing and integrated interpretation of seismic 3D, 2D CDPM survey and well data aimed for further study of Pulyt’inskiy licensed area. The amount of seismic reprocessing of the material: 3D works amounted to more than 400 km2 and 2D works – more than 1500 lkm.
Specialists of LLC “INGEOSERVICE” were challenged with:
• Detailed study of the geological structure of Pulyt’inskiy licensed area with strong reflecting horizons of the Mesozoic-Cenozoic sedimentary cover and the top of pre-Mesozoic base;
• Identification of tracking areas of faults to determine the boundaries of tectonic blocks, establishing their influence on the formation of fracture porosity in rocks of Jurassic and pre-Mesozoic base;
• Reconstruction of the depositional history of Mesozoic-Cenozoic sediments on the basis of seismostratigraphic, and paleotectonic analysis;
• Clarification of geological structure details in complex traps of structural-lithological type in Pre-Jurassic sequence layers of Tyumen Suite, Vogulinskaya Strata;
• Identification and preparation for exploration drilling of new local elevations and traps of the unstructured type within the boundaries of Pulyt’inskiy licensed area;
• Geological targeting and identification of reservoir rocks distribution areas in the formations of the productive thickness and the range of promising deposits.
To accomplish the task, specialists of the company used its own program IngeosMAP(iMAP) and software products from other manufacturers – Isoline, KINGDOM, HAMPSON-RUSSEL, etc.
The project was completed in time, was successfully defended and accepted by the customer.


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