Package for curvature design based on changes in reservoir and pore pressure profiles (AHRP, AHPP, ALRP, ALPP) of the prospective stack according to 2D and 3D seismic data iPressureEval is an in-company developed package by specialists of LLC “INGEOSERVICE”.


iPressureEval implements the function of curvature design based on changes in reservoir and pore pressures, the allocation of abnormal pressures zones. The potential assessment is based on the processing curves of some parameter in geological and seismic data, designing lines of the normal trend due to the data of the  pressure plot and anomalous pressure.

eton_formulaThe formula of Eaton (BeanEaton) is implemented at the current stage of the program development. The curves of average or interval velocity are used as the estimated parameters for this method. To generate a more complete picture of the situation at the current point of the analysis, the user is offered the function to load/create additional information, for example, the external curves of pressure (results of observations, reference), stratigraphic marks, pressure steps, the bottom hole depth mark. The results are saved in the required format: the curve graphics –  in png, jpeg, etc.; tabular curve data, stratigraphic markers, the pressure steps –  in csv format.

The program iPressureEval is designed applying the Qt framework ( license LGPL, with Russian interface and support for Linux, Windows.