Supervision and Quality Control

The main function of the software complex "Seismic field control" is to control the quality and quick processing of seismic data during the field seismic operations 2D, 3D. The purpose of the software is to give the user a complete set of tools to solve tasks that are integrated into a single system.

Applying the vast experience of our specialists in the field of processing seismic data, the package includes the features that are required during analysis and data processing. It makes it easier to use the product.

Basic principles:

  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Efficient for large volumes of data
  • The possibility of pre-processing in the field, to facilitate the first stages of the office analysis
  • Wide range of tools to solve tasks
  • Flexible system of organization of internal logic to integrate new features without drastic intervention
  • System requirements, permitting to use not really powerful laptops
  • Interactive response system in Russian.

Implementation area

  • Service quality control for seismic survey operations
  • Processing seismic data in field seismic parties
  • Office processing of seismic data
  • Schedule service of seismic surveys

The software "Seismic field control" allows solving the following tasks:

Evaluation of seismic data quality due to calculated seismic attributes of the seismic record.

The analysis process is greatly accelerated, since the stages of data entry and geometry assignment are not required
More accurate allocation of areas containing mostly signal or interference
The process of computation accelerates, using all the resources of modern processors
Relieves the user from having to use external applications to process the received data

Preliminary processing of seismic data

A PC “Seismic field control” includes more than 40 modules for processing seismic data, enabling the processing steps from input data to obtain a migrated hexahedron directly in the field.

Formats: CST, SEG-Y, SEG-D, SEG-B; Source: Disk files, images tapes, tape device.
Formats: CST, SEG-Y
Dynamic alignment of amplitudes recovery amplitude input amplitude corrections as a function of time - the removal of A (T, OFFS) Input amplitude correction for the shot and receiver muting ( external, internal ) set of mathematical operations on the track counts Compensation geometrical spreading centering ( shift) the route of the amplitudes . Calculation of amplitude correction A ( time, delete) Calculation of surface-consistent amplitude correction.
The band-pass , notch filter bandpass filter in the zone muting Butterworth filters ( notch, low pass, high-pass, band) FK filtering (symmetric single-speed )
Editorial / Reset trails or window editors Harmonisation amplitudes. Removing anomalous amplitudes on median estimates . Statistical revision samples rejection trails. Frequency- dependent suppression of coherent noise filtering
Calculation of seismic attributes in the record window Calculation of seismic attributes record on the horizon
Geometrization 2D Geometrization 3D binning Assignment ( change ) of coordinates
The calculation of the vertical velocity spectra Input / Output NMO Statistical amendments : Input / Output statics Automatic correction of static and NMO Automatic picking first arrivals
Deconvolution compression
2D Post- stack Kirchhoff migration .
Modifying headers Export to a text file headers Upgrade header from a text file multiple keys
Sort tracks on the 3rd level The generator runs ( by placing the file on to the Trace -woo ) Creating libraries , SPS files - the format of the CST file with pendent geometry.

Seismic survey control

Minimum system requirements

  • Operating system: Linux x86_64, x86 (the core from 2.6.32)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV (or equivalent AMD)
  • Corememory: 1024 MB
  • Hard disk space (System): 20 GB

Technical support
We take the technical support of our customers very serious. Competent experts in the field of Geophysics, and system administration can quickly solve all the issues. The structure of the software “Seismic field control” allows us to add new functions on the client request instantaneously, without reinstalling the product or downloading large amount of data at the update.